2019 Quilt Show Winners



 1       BEST OF SHOW

Quilt Name:           Colors Of the Wind
Maker:                      Leslie Peacock


Quilt Name:           Cathedral Window
Maker:                      Kris Lovetro


Quilt Name:           That’s Amore
Maker:                      Sheila Bruner


Quilt Name:           4000+ Pieces Of Scrap
Maker:                      Kris Lovetro

Quilt Name:           Dragon Fire
Maker:                      Leslie Peacock


Quilt Name:           Adventure Awaits
Maker:                      Lori Ohmart


Quilt Name:           Charlie’s Cowboy Quilt
Maker:                      Susan A. Thompson


Quilt Name:           Wilma & Howie
Maker:                      Monika Hancock


Quilt Name:           Spirit Of The Rim
Maker:                      Elaine Putnam


Quilt Name:           Don’t Fence Me In
Maker:                      Pamela Scofield

Novice Award

Quilt Name:           I Believe In Snowmen
Maker:                      Rod Ohmart

Arizona Quilters Hall Of Fame

Quilt Name:           Cathedral Window
Maker:                      Kris Lovetro

Vendor Award Winners

#601 Samantha Wright First, A Mother’s Love
#607 Bobbie Smith Summer In The Park
#608 Louise Bossert Luck Of The Drawing

Sponsor Award Winners

Atomic Pest Control #509 Kris Lovetro Birds Of A Feather
Bandits Restaurant #512 Pamela Scofield Don’t Fence Me In
Beeline Guest House #613 Colene Barrett Jerry’s Elk
Coldwell Banker Bishop Realty #418 Monika Hancock Wilma & Howie
Creative Quilting “Quilted by the Maker” #615 Samantha Wright Triangulate
Early Bird Café #106 Leslie Peacock Colors Of The Wind
Fancy Finds #110 Kris Lovetro Cathedral Window
Gila County Board of Supervisors #110 Kris Lovetro Cathedral Window
Joy’s Sweet Shoppe & Espresso Café #514 Ingrid DeCook Reflections of Love
Land of Ahzzz, llc. “Color Me Happy” Award #515 Jane Sullivan Garden Path
Leap of Faith Award #110 Kris Lovetro Cathedral Window
Moose Mountain #110 Kris Lovetro Cathedral Window
Old County Inn #108 Linda McDermott Happy Jack Row By Row
P/S Business Community #611 Colene Barrett Embroidery Drunk
Payson Concrete #405 Cindy Diehl Turn To The Son
Pepper’s Pick, An Animal Rights Advocate                   (Sue Wilcox) #606 Jane Wilcox Rainbow Bridge
Pine Deli #103 Brenda Mouw Fire Island Hosta
Pine Strawberry Farmers Market #410 Lori Ohmart Adventure Awaits
Pinewood Tavern #105 Jackie Smith Jewely
Ponderosa Market #106 Leslie Peacock Colors Of The Wind
Premier Dental #110 Kris Lovetro Cathedral Window
Premiere Dental #110 Kris Lovetro Cathedral Window
Rim Country Quilt Roundup #108 Linda McDermott Happy Jack Row By Row
Rim Cutters #513 Barb Celaya True Colors
Sally Randall #610 Jane Wilcox Take A Drunk Girl Home
Sew Whats “In honor of Wanda McHenry & Karen Nelson” Award #102 Kris Lovetro 4000+ Pieces of Scrap
Shoofly Quilters #108 Linda McDermott Happy Jack Row By Row
Stodghill’s Excavating #607 Bobbie Smith Summer In The Park
Strawberry Patchers #110 Kris Lovetro Cathedral Window
Taylor Accounting & Tax #417 Jinny Kost Scrappy Floral
The Copper Needle #615 Samantha Wright Triangulate
The Herb Stop #407 Joanne  Bahr Mountain Creatures
The Randall House #410 Lori Ohmart Adventure Awaits
The Rusty Pine Cone #110 Kris Lovetro Cathedral Window
The Strawberry Inn #110 Kris Lovetro Cathedral Window
Tymeless Antiques, LLC #110 Kris Lovetro Cathedral Window
Uncle Tom’s Kwik Stop #614 Mitzi Paul Summertime Geraniums