About Us

The Strawberry Patchers were granted a charter and became a Chapter of the Arizona Quilters Guild on October 1, 1994.

The website for the Arizona Quilters Guild is www.azquiltersguild.org

Currently we have 43 members.

We welcome anyone who is interested in quilting at any skill level to join our Chapter.

We meet in the Isabelle Hunt Memorial Public Library Activity Room in Pine, Arizona. This building is just west of the Pine/Strawberry Community Center.

Our meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month. Check our calendar page for information on our meetings, activities and events. We participate in several local events, make comfort quilts for others plus a wide variety of ‘fun stuff’ throughout the year!

Advancement of the Quilting Arts

We have classes for our members inviting teachers from outside our Chapter and within our membership.


2020- 2021 Chapter Chair

Chris Mahon

           Strawberry Patchers Past Chapter Chairs

Strawberry Patchers operates on a fiscal year 
         from July 1 through June 30.

2019-2020  Jackie Smith
2018-2019  Lori Ohmart
2017-2018  Monika Hancock
2016-2017  Maureen Pastika
2015-2016  Jane Sullivan
2013-2015  Kathy Hunt (2 yrs)
2011-2013  Elaine Putnam (2 yrs)  
2010-2011  Kris Lovetro
2009-2010  Lanna Sullivan
Strawberry Patchers operated on a calendar year prior to 2009.
2008 Kathy MacCleary
2007 Maureen Pastika
2006 Maureen Pastika
2005 Sandy Tower
2004 Linda O’Dell
2003 Debbie Stanton
2002 Nancy Bollard
2001 Marque Jacobs
2000 Trudy Ooms
1999 Marlene Bonney
1994-1998 Willene Smith

Strawberry Patchers
P.O. Box 594
Pine, Arizona 85544-0594